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Trucks are among the vehicles present in Post Scriptum.

Construction vehicles and Mobile Spawn Points, (MSPs), fall into this category.

Mobile Spawn Point[]

An MSP, as the name implies, is a truck that can be driven by players, and acts as a spawn point once it is stationary. There is a range limit to how close it can be to the capture point. If an MSP is taken too close to a capture point that is being contested, or already captured by the enemy, the spawn feature will be disabled. Only Squad Leaders and the Platoon Commander can see the restricted area. The area is shown as a red striped line on the map.

If enemies are around the truck, players will no longer be able to spawn. Enemies will often interdict these spawn points by either staying in the area and blocking spawning or staying close enough to kill players as they spawn. MSPs should be moved regularly if discovered and you should try to avoid the enemy finding them or seeing them move.

While an MSP can be used as a troop transport they are too valuable to risk taking in to the target area.

Respawns if destroyed but can take a significant amount of time to do so. Overall, losing an MSP is a serious blow to a team. It is critical for a team to move their MSPs once the game starts.

Construction Trucks[]

They provide the Logistics squad with supplies that are needed to construct emplacements, Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), sandbags, barbed wire and tank traps. Construction trucks carry a set amount of supplies, where once they run out, they have to be driven back to your main base to be resupplied.

List of trucks[]