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Type Rifle
Used by W Cap German censored.png Germany
Ammo Type 7.92×33mm Kurz
Magazine Size 30+1 rounds


The StG.44 (German for Assault Rifle 44), also known as the MP 44 is a weapon featured in Post Scriptum. It is considered by many, the first Assault Rifle ever created. It was more compact than a battle rifle, had a detachable magazine, higher fire rate and it was more controllable. It entered service in 1943 and remained until 1962. Between 1943 and 1945 more than 400,000 rifles were built.


The StG 44 is best used from short to medium range engagements, as it outshines bolt action and semi automatic rifles. Longer ranges can be reached if the weapon is fired in semi-automatic, otherwise the recoil is too high for it to be accurate. It works wonders when clearing buildings due to its smaller size.

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