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"Panzerfaust 60"
Type Anti-tank weapon
Used by W Cap German censored.png Germany
Ammo Type 149 mm HEAT


The Panzerfaust 60 is a weapon featured in Post Scriptum. The name "Panzerfaust" means "Tank fist". The Panzerfaust was created to be a devastating, yet cheap solution to the ever increasing number of armored vehicles of the Allies. Development began in 1942 and it entered production in 1943. Between 1943 and 1945 over 6.700.000 pieces were produced, the most common version being the Panzerfaust 60. The number in the name indicates its nominal maximum effective range, in this case being 60 m.


It is a single shot weapon which is discarded after firing. It has a small to medium range but packs quite a punch. The best way to use it is to sneak up to a vehicle and hit it in the rear, where it will most likely take out the engine and immobilize the vehicle, at which point, you or your team can attack the vehicle with ease. Unlike the Panzershreck role you get 2 Panzerfauts rockets with a quick reload animation.

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