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Gliders are among the vehicles present in Post Scriptum.

Gliders were used by the British and American army in WWII and played a huge role resupplying and delivering troops and relatively small equipment to the front. Its cargo varied, noted of carrying either small jeeps, anti-tank weapons, heavy machine guns and very small tanks.

The idea of the glider was to get equipment and troops stealthily on the ground close to each other in comparison to airborne paratroopers. Dropping paratroopers caused the Germans to hear the engine-propelled aircraft from a distance and being able to alert the entire region in a matter of minutes. This usually resulted in the death of a lot of paratroopers before they even hit the ground. making the leftover paratroopers to be a lot more dispersed. Gliders were pulled by other military transport planes. Once released the engine-propelled transport planes traveled to another direction to keep the gliders stealth to a maximum.

Gliders were specifically created to keep equipment and troops together, making them more effective once they hit the ground. Nonetheless gliders were far from perfect. They were designed for a one way trip and had to be made out of cheap lightweight materials which, if lost, could no longer be of use by the Allied forces. The result of having it made out of these materials and having to land on farmlands and other unhardened terrain caused a lot of gliders to disintegrate on landing, killing or injuring its troops and destroying its cargo.

After the War, some people rebuilt or repaired their houses out of wings or fuselages from gliders, such as patching up holes in the walls or roof.

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