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In Post-Scriptum, you have the choice to play in 4 different sections: Commander, Squadmate, Logistician, Armored crewman. For each sections, don't sign in as a leader if you don't have a microphone or don't wish to communicate... This is primordial for the game as a good game goes through good communication between each section.

Commander section (1 slot) :[]

As a commander, you're all by yourself and you're supposed to give orders to all your squad leaders in game. This is an important role and it has to be played by an experienced player if you want to win. It's him that synchronize and set up actions between squads.

You have AI tools to support your squad in defending/attacking positions. To use these tools, a commander needs a radio to call for support. The commander also has a radio-equipped jeep so they can call support accordingly while maintaining mobility.

The Commander can order up to 3 attack planes to attack a ground position with their machine guns, or 2 bombers to attack a ground position. Commanders can also target high explosive or smoke artillery barrages on ground positions. Each of the support utilities has a reload time of approximately 10 minutes, and the artillery has limited ammunition

Squad section (9 slots) :[]

You can fill a slot in a squad to take part in the fight, and the maximum number of squadmates is 9 players. Some roles are locked until a certain number of players have joined the squad.

- Squad Leader[]

A Squad Leader's duty is to his own squad. You can command your troops (B button), communicate with command and other squad leaders (G button) , ,mark enemies on the map, and set up a rally point (T button, 6min duration) in a secluded place for his squad to be able to spawn. In order to set a rally point, a Squad leader must have a radioman, or two members of his squad nearby

- Radioman[]

Follows his squad-leader to provide him rally point

- Rifleman[]

Fight for the win and provides ammunation crate for MG/ANTITANK/SAPPER/LIGHT MORTAR in priority and sandbags for MG.

- Medic/Sanitater (1 Unlocked at 4 players, 2 unlocked at 7 players)[]

Revives wounded players with their syringe, and fully heal wounded/injured/bleedng players with their bandages.

- Machine-Gunner (1 max unlocked at 4 players)[]

Provides covering fire in key position as he can greatly suppressed enemies, require to use bipod (C button) to be accurate.

- Anti-tank (1 max unlocked at 4 players)[]

Focuses in destroying any enemy vehicles he can hear / see, especialy tanks and MSP's

- Grenadier (1 max unlocked at 4 players)[]

Uses anti infanty propelled grenades with his rifle

- Sapper (1 max unlocked at 4 players)[]

Focuses himself in destroying FOB's (as it require explosive charge to be destructed) and tanks if he can get close to it

- Marksman (1 max unlocked at 4 players)[]

Takes highground or great line of sight on the flank of enemy progression axis

- Light Mortar (1 max unlocked at 4 players)[]

Provides suppress has he mortar shell enemy lines, has to be proned (C button when prone and mouse to set range up to 240m)

If you want the kit detail of each loadout, visit each regiment pages (on the main page) as the loadout changes with the regiment you're playing for.[]

Logistic section (4 slots):[]

The support squad! by excellence, it gets 2 logistic trucks to support its team in her actions, have the one of two trucks refilling at main base at all time, so you always have one on the objective to build with. Try not to lose any logistic truck to the enemy as they're your main weapon and don't go fighting the enemy directly, it's not your job.

Attacking :[]

- You have to build FOB's (Forward Operation Base) to provide a spawn location to your team, as rally point, you have to hide it in a forest or a building, the logistic SL can set it up by having a more than half full construction truck neaby (T button then Building then FOB)

- You have to build mortar pits to support your team, ask the other squadleaders where they could need mortar support and support your infantry. Reminder, you get up to 2 free mortars close to each FOB you build.

- You have to build repair stations. This is essential to the armored section giving it the ability to repair their vehicles close to the frontline.

Defending :[]

- You have to build defense fortifications on the objective to defend to provide cover to your team. You have plenty tools to achieve this as sandbags, barbed wire, stationary machine guns, barricades and hedgehogs to make your team’s job of defending easier. If you're happy of your fortification. Think of what you could do more, there is always something to do.

- You have to build ammo crates for your team on each objective. It's very important for MG/AT/MOTAR/SAPPER.

Great video to understand the job ""

Armored section (4 slots):[]

The tank support squad, you get heavy tanks and light tanks at your disposal.

Your job is to provide support to your infantry. Coordinate with infantry squad leaders to help them providing cover with your tank and suppressing the enemy.

Stay at range, especially if you know and enemy tank is nearby, wait to shot until you get a good angle as the armor thickness and the shell angle matter in the game. Prefers to have a fully crewed tank (4 players) than split up your squad in two vehicles. Tank MG's are as deadly as the main gun.

If you sustained any damage in battle, don't hesitate to go in a repair station or to ask for one at your logistic section.

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Various gear is present in Post Scriptum.

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