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Lightly Armored vehicles and Scout Cars are among the drivable vehicles present in Post Scriptum. They have less armor and smaller main guns than the bigger tracked tanks.

Lightly armored Scout Cars can still be a big threat with a skilled crew. Up to 4 seats are available, however, they can be operated by 2 crew-members with reduced efficiency. Players can assume the role of Driver, Gunner, Machine-Gunner and Commander. There can be 2 armored squads per team if there are enough players. It is best that one squad crews the Medium/Heavy tank for infantry support and to take on heavy enemy vehicles, while the other crews the Scout Cars for spotting and MSP/FOB hunting.

Tracked Transports are used to carry infantry up to the action.


Versus infantry: There are multiple threats that the lightly armored vehicles need to watch out for. The most common are Anti-tank weapons, Gammon Bombs and Hafthohlladung. Infantry can easily sneak up on an oblivious armored vehicle. Most armored cars can be destroyed with one AT rocket so staying back a bit further from hot spots is ideal. Going straight into cap points is not advised in any vehicle unless you have enough friendly infantry covering all flanks.

Versus mechanized: Anti-tank guns also pose a big threat to armored vehicles as their powerful and quick firing cannons can make short work of any armored vehicle. Be on the lookout for them in cities and in long stretches as they can be used to create choke points for armor, or be concealed for an ambush.

Versus AFVs: Of course, other tanks and lightly armored vehicles also pose a big threat to your vehicle and it will come down to crew skill and good communication between squads for you to come out on-top. An experienced crew will make quick work of unsuspecting enemy armor and with the help of infantry squads. Lightly armored vehicles can even defeat the bigger tracked tanks if the gun has a minimum caliber of 37 mm. Avoid going into front to front engagements and go for the sides and rear. Lightly armored vehicles are fast and can easily out-drive bigger and less agile medium and heavy tanks.

Finally, mines are deadly to lightly armored vehicles. One AT mine will completely immobilize a vehicle and knock out the tracks and engine or destroy it completely depending on which vehicle it is. Crews should keep their eyes open for mines usually on high traffic roads. The commander's position offers excellent visibility and it can be easier to spot mines due to the elevated line of sight.


The Armored Scout Vehicles thrive as a behind the enemy lines spotter. Hunting MSPs and FOBs and cutting off enemy armor can easily be done because of the speed. Giving back accurate spots on enemy movement can really be the factor in winning games. Even though not ideal because of the inadequate armor, direct infantry support can also be an option. Make sure to find a good spot, fire a few rounds off and quickly relocate, in order to stop the enemy from giving accurate info about your position. Always look out for flanking infantry and vehicles when stationary.

Tracked transports with MGs are easy pickings for infantry and armor. They are best used to transport troops from point A to point B and provide some covering fire while the squad disembarks and reorganizes itself. Using them as moving MG nests is advised against as the gunner on the top is exposed to small arms fire and the vehicle has next to no armor.



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  • Sd.Kfz 234